Build solutions to drive your success

Meld Tables is a collaborative database built for flexibility.

Easily build custom solutions to track, manage and organize anything.

Meld Tables is a Collaborative Database Built for Flexibility

Get started in minutes, and build as you grow. Make changes instantly without redeployment.

Powerful Relational Database

Connect related data to eliminate duplication and simplify navigation.

Uniformity Across All Your Devices

With progressive web technology, user experience and features are uniform across desktops, tablets, and cell phones.

Ultra-Low Maintenance

Meld Tables is a complete Software as a Service solution. There is no need to configure and maintain servers.

Collaborate and Share With Your Team

Stay connected and enable collaboration with real-time database access available anywhere, anytime.

Instantly Adaptable

Structural changes to your database such as adding or removing tables, columns or views are synchronized in real-time without requiring redeployment.

Get Started for Free

No Subscription is required for fully featured access

Unlimited Customization

Easily build a solution that fits your requirements instead of fitting your requirements to your software.

Superior Scalability

As your team grows and your requirements expand, we've got you covered with a wide range of service options.

Secure and Reliable

Meld Tables is built from the ground up to be secure and reliable so your data is always there when you need it.

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"The future of team collaboration will definitely be mobile, facilitated almost entirely by the smartphone in the near future."
Martin Welker
Contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine

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