10 Reasons Why Meld Tables is a Great Airtable Alternative for Mobile

Airtable has proven itself as a great online spreadsheet and database and is quickly becoming a popular online productivity tool. Meld Tables is a database platform, built for teams, that offeres features such as easily customisable tables, connecting tables together, collaborative real-time updates, attaching documents and more. However, on mobile devices here is why we think Meld Tables is a great Airtable alternative.

1. Search and Edit Records While Offline

While the dream of  universal uninterrupted internet may come true one day, the reality today is spotty or unavailable connections at times. For many professionals who use their mobile devices for work and are constantly on the go, it is critical that they have access to their data, even when not connected. With Meld Tables you can search, sort, filter, update, delete and even create new records while offline. All changes will be automatically synced when reconnected. The ability to cancel or retry conflicting changes is offered by simply by swiping left or right in the offline changes manager.

2. Attach Photos While Offline

With the Meld Tables app you can take photos with your phone’s camera and attach them directly to records even while offline. This is possible because the image is saved in local storage, like your photo roll, and queued for upload when your phone reconnects.

3. Customisable Cards

Viewing information formatted as cards has become standard on mobile devices because it is intuitive and great for touch screens. Airtable’s mobile app takes a desktop optimised spreadsheet view and converts it into mobile cards. Because of this, the cards are not customisable. Meld Tables’ cards on the other hand are designed for mobile. They have multiple customisable rows as well as a customisable thumbnails. This allows for a more mobile friendly experience.

4. Import and Export CSV Data in Mobile

With devices such as the iPad Pro, mobile platforms are becoming more capable of being desktop replacements. Therefore, modern mobile apps should come complete with all the features a desktop app would have. This includes the ability to import and export data. With Meld Tables you can import and export your data in CSV format directly to and from email attachments or online storage such as iCloud.

5. Edit Function Fields in Mobile

Edit function fields directly in the field settings without having to switch to a desktop computer.

6. More Color Choices

Choose from over 90 colors for your databases and selection items.

7. Search Highlighting

Find the data you are looking for more quickly with Meld Tables. As you type, your search query will be highlighted in the results so you can spot exactly where it is used.

8. Coordinates Field Type

Capture locations with the coordinates field type.

9. Monitor Database Usage and Subscription in Mobile

Check your database record and attachment usage and quotas. If an upgrade is required you can also do that right on your phone.

10. Manage Account in Mobile

Not only can you create a new account directly on your phone, you can also make changes to your password, email, enable two-factor authentication and more all without having to use a desktop.



  1. Paul M Nehring

    I am deciding between using Meld and Airtable for our organization. I like the fact that I can use your app offline, and add coordinates. However, Airtable does allow linking between tables, which is one of the powerful features that most database apps have. It appears that Meld does not do this, based on your feature descriptions. Any plans to add this?

    • Jennie Lyn

      Meld Tables sure does allow linking between tables. When creating a new column in the Field Manager just select Record Link, this is essentially a left join. You can also add right-join to the other table by selecting the option “Add Column To Linked Table”

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