Why use tables instead of spreadsheets?

A table is very much like a spreadsheet. Both contain rows or records that usually are all of the same type. For example, a table may contain a list of clients or list of products for sale. The rows of both a spreadsheet and a table are divided into columns or fields. Generally, each column has its own data type. Some columns have numeric values while other columns may only contain text values. However, there is a major difference. While a spreadsheet is almost always laid out as a grid of cells, a table abstracts the records and fields from how they are laid out on the screen by adding the concept of a view. A view defines a way table records are laid out or viewed. With views, records from the same table can be laid out as a grid of cells, as a list of cards or even as events on a calendar. Tables offer greater flexibility for viewing records especially on small touch screens where grids are not as easy to work with.

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