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App Builder or a Mobile Database

If you are like many small organizations, you have probably relied on spreadsheets to manage allot of your data. Unfortunately, spreadsheets do not migrate well to mobile touch interfaces. So what is the best option for managing business data and … Read More

Why use tables instead of spreadsheets?

A table is very much like a spreadsheet. Both contain rows or records that usually are all of the same type. For example, a table may contain a list of clients or list of products for sale. The rows of … Read More

Automate Workflows with Zapier and Meld Tables

With Zapier you can connect Meld Tables with other apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding.   Join our Zapier integration beta test: Try Zapier Integration – Beta                 Join our Zapier integration … Read More

15 Audiobooks with True Stories of Epic Entrepreneurial Success and Failure

The modern entrepreneur probably doesn’tĀ have a lot of time to sit down and read a good book. That is why audiobooks are great, you can listen to them in the car, on a flight or even while walking or working … Read More

10 Reasons Why Meld Tables is a GreatĀ Airtable Alternative for Mobile

Airtable has proven itself as a great online spreadsheet and database and is quickly becoming a popular online productivity tool. Meld Tables is a database platform, built for teams, that offeres features such as easily customisable tables, connecting tables together, … Read More